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Enterprise Security

The world has seen the consequences of Enterprise Security breaches in various examples across industries as Yahoo, Marriot International hotel, myspace, LinkedIn, and many others. Enterprise security shouldn’t stop at securing corporate information. Enterprise security extends to all those connected to an organization.
Our Security Experts at iValue understand your organization’s business, requirements, and stakeholders. We understand that Enterprise Security starts with corporate information and extends to your employees and users from the external world. Any individual visiting your organization via your corporate login, website, or email carries a certain security risk with them. We ensure a secure premise to your organizational data, your users and employees’ data with our Enterprise Security services.

Security posture

Organizations face security breaches even after investing in cybersecurity. Most of them fail to understand the subtle yet, complex layers of cybersecurity architecture.

Our security architects and experts at iValue treat cybersecurity as a journey instead of a destination. We design a Security Posture enveloping your network, internet, and data security, penetration testing and vulnerability testing, etc. We understand your organization’s needs for security before implementing a Security Posture that is continuously adapting to respond to newer cyber threats and vulnerabilities and make your employees aware of the security threats faced. We help your organization stand strong against threats and vulnerabilities with our Security Posture comprising industry-best firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware tools.

Vulnerability Management

While our organizations add defensive security systems, we always recommend our clients to have an equally robust Vulnerability Management in place. When other security tools defend your organization’s security, Vulnerability Management will look for any vulnerabilities in your security system. iValue professionals will set up a robust vulnerability management process to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate them and mitigate them. Vulnerability Management is a game of speed as it is you vs. malicious attackers in a race to find the vulnerabilities in your security system. We help you be ahead in this race and protect your organization’s network and information.

      • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
        Regular Infrastructure and application updates and changes are a part of modern technology. Where it’s a boon for the advancement of an organization, it poses an equal security risk. Likewise, Vulnerability Management isn’t a one-time implementation and needs constant intelligent learning to upgrade itself and safeguard the organization from newer threats.
        Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services will help your organization constantly upgrade its security. Our experts help you set up the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing process to constantly examine your servers, databases, networks, and applications to identify the newer vulnerabilities, analyze them, and mitigate them. Where our Vulnerability Assessment would help in identifying the vulnerabilities, our Penetration Testing exploits them to measure the severity and possible damage, thus helping in the remediation process.

Threat Hunting

We believe that no organization is completely secure with the basic cybersecurity products and services in today’s technologically advanced and digitally-driven world. Your organization, like any other, would require more than that to be secure from any malicious attack on your infrastructure, from data centers to your users. Our Threat Hunting services combine our machine-based assessments and security experts who proactively look for any anomalous pattern and activities and eliminate it before an actual attack. Your organization is spread across cities and countries comprising various employees and clients; there is always a malicious attacker around the corner. Our motto at iValue is not to wait and defend but to identify, action, and eliminate the risk before the damage happens.

Application Security

The current application world has taken a 180 curve from yesteryears and works on a rapidly changing agile model. Where earlier it took months or years to develop an application, now an application is released in phases and constantly updated to incorporate new features. There is a risk of new vulnerabilities via the code with each additional update. An imposter can quite possibly enter your organization’s system via an application user’s computer.
We understand this threat to your client’s applications and advise involving our security professionals right from the application design phase. Our professionals understand and define the business goals and application’s purpose, then adapt our security solution to the application’s purpose and code for further understanding the possible threats and vulnerabilities arising from the application. We help you strengthen your application world with our industry-best application testing and shielding solutions.

Infrastructure Security

With the growing need for instant communication and information, organizations have to stay connected and modernized with the help of their numerous staff and automation, both of which are additional exposure for their security. In addition to corporate assets, users today access organizational information from mobile devices and tablets. All of this only makes your organization’s infrastructure prone to cyber-attacks, data theft, and the bad publicity that it carries.
We at iValue understand that you cannot curtail your business operations from modernizations and yet, cannot operate in constant fear of a probable cyber-attack. Our cybersecurity experts curated Infrastructure Security services by detailed assessment, corporate security policy implementation, anti-virus, firewalls, etc., to fortify your organization with the industry’s best standards.

Network Security

With the rapidly flowing data in multiple directions, it becomes crucial for an organization of any size and sector to ensure that its network is clear of any possible malicious attacks and theft. There is an added complexity to Network Security with the multiple nodes involved. Network security doesn’t necessarily stop at the network but extends to any device, website, or application that it communicates with.
Our experts at iValue will build you a web of complex rules, encryptions, policies, configuration, check-points, anti-virus, anti-malware, etc., to protect your network and its connecting terminuses constantly in ever-changing scenarios.

DC Security

Data Centers are a treasure trove of any organization’s data. It is comprised of all the data, computing processes, and analysis that need to be protected from external forces, including physical and virtual penetration. An attack on a data center can bring any organization to its knees not just by the data or process loss but also by the bad press and possible lawsuits.
Our Data Center Security Services helps your organization by taking the responsibility to manage your data centers with a resilient army of physical and virtual defense mechanisms such as access control and detection systems, video surveillance, firewalls, anti-intrusion, anti-virus, and anti-malware tools.

Cloud Security

It is a common oversight for organizations to assume that choosing a well-known cloud provider equals cloud security. A cloud provider is not responsible for your cloud’s security. A cloud provider will provide a secure cloud platform taking care of the platform’s vulnerabilities. However, the network connections, applications, and end-users are not covered by default security from cloud providers.
iValue provides this robustness via our Cloud Security services. Our security experts will help you analyze your IT environment regarding cloud applications, virtual and physical networks, servers, data, and end-user usage, etc., to plan and implement Cloud Security.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our Infrastructure Security services detail the security processes, and our Security Operations Center is a centralized unit that actively monitors our client organizations for any cyber threat or attack on a 24/7 basis. Our SOCs work with automated monitoring tools, and security experts immediately detect any intrusion, attack, or theft and action. Our SOC experts continuously monitor our clients’ websites, applications, networks, databases, and user devices for malicious activities and are always ready to implement the backup and disaster recovery plan in a pre-defined approach in case of any unforeseen intrusion. The reported activities are further investigated to ascertain the possible attack or theft threat and, if needed, added to our security process for future re-enforcements.

Where our Infrastructure Services will enable you to advance the IT trends, will enable you to advance in the Industry market

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