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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Endpoint detection and response, also known as endpoint threat detection and response, is a cyber technology built to provide endpoint visibility that continually monitors and responds to mitigate cyber threats.

Endpoint detection and response tools monitor endpoint and network events and record the information in a central database where further analysis, investigation, investigation, reporting, and alerting occur. A software agent installed on the host system provides the foundation for event monitoring and reporting. Ongoing monitoring and detection are facilitated through the use of analytical tools. These tools identify tasks that can improve a company’s overall security by identifying, responding to, and deflecting internal threats and external attacks. Some endpoint detection and response tools perform more analysis on the agent, while others focus on the backend via a management console. Some vary in collection timing and scope or their ability to integrate with threat intelligence providers.


An endpoint detection and response tool perform two core functions.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Analysis

The continuous monitoring and analysis by the EDR system aid in more readily identifying, detecting, and preventing advanced threats.


  • Automatically Uncovers Stealthy Attackers – When you’re proactively monitoring your endpoints for potentially malicious activity, you’re taking an open-minded approach, so you need your EDR solution to analyse millions, perhaps even billions of events and correlate them against known trends and potentially harmful activities. 
  • Integrates With Threat Intelligence – enterprise cybersecurity, especially endpoint detection and response is a collaborative effort against the world of cybercriminals. Hence, your EDR solution needs to integrate with threat intelligence solutions that help you map known or previously uncovered malicious activity against that your EDR tool identifies as a red-flag. You then need your EDR to eliminate false flags immediately so you are not preventing authorised and authenticated users legitimately trying to access your systems. 
  • Managed Threat Hunting for Proactive Defense – when your threat hunters can analyse and eliminate potential threats to your endpoints, thus eliminating the prospect of malicious activity. With an effective Endpoint Detection and Response framework, you can mitigate the risks of zero-day threats and vulnerabilities, although not entirely. 
  • Provides Real-Time and Historical Visibility – you are only as good as your last hunt – maintaining data from previous detections can help significantly reduce the chances of attackers slipping through. An EDR solution that retains data for at least 90 days allows you to look back in time to detect activity that you previously missed, thus not just fixing current issues but also detecting past events. This is particularly important in making the necessary mandatory disclosures. 
  • Accelerates Investigations – effective EDR solutions can significantly reduce the time it takes to investigate a potential threat and automates a very large extent of these investigations, allowing your cybersecurity team to function more efficiently. On the flip side, accelerated investigations also translate into early detection and arrest of malicious endpoint activity, thus saving grace and face alike for your enterprise.  


With iValue’s impeccable Endpoint Detection and Response solutions, you can be rest assured that your endpoints are secure, and your EDR is sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined and instant threat detection process with our continuous monitoring of endpoints using indicators of compromise.
  • As opposed to the traditional EDR, iValue’s EDR solutions help accelerate incident response with automated detection and AI/ML-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA), thus, giving you the ability to respond faster, significantly reducing the time for threat detection and arrest of malicious activity.
  • You get to detect and manage threats across the organization with our centralized management console that gives you visibility across all the organization’s endpoints.
  • With iValue’s EDR system that uses advanced technology in threat detection, it is your best bet for cyber threats. Help us help you.

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