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Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management refers to a suite of processes, strategies, tools, and technologies that provide you with the requisite framework for managing all your mobile, PC, and other devices.

If you have been through the scramble the entire world we through to get compliant with remote work, you know that endpoint management is critical to the functioning of the enterprise. Remote work, anytime-anywhere access, and the new gig-worker trend throw the enterprise landscape into a plethora of situations almost never seen before, like bring your own device (BYOD), corporate-owned and personally enabled devices (COPE), personal devices such as mobiles and tablets accessing the enterprise systems, mobile phones providing the required multifactor authentication (MFA) for the company-issued devices to access the systems. 

The question truly becomes – who manages these endpoints – how do you manage them without sacrificing user experience? And how do you make sure these very devices aren’t the source of intrusions?

A unified endpoint management solution can help you boost your enterprise security to control your entire IT environment, including all its many endpoints, while not compromising on the ease with which authenticated users access these systems. 

These endpoints may include smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, printers, or external systems such as partner ecosystems and other third-party platforms that may link to your enterprise landscape to extend your capabilities. A unified endpoint management solution also secures and gives you control to manage your users, apps, content, and data.

With the increase of endpoints within your enterprise, the time required to manage them also increases, as well as security vulnerabilities. The right UEM solution will give you the ability to discover, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot the endpoints within your enterprise from a single interface.


Those days of having your IT team member walk around your office troubleshooting employees’ IT issues is over! It also means that your users’ devices are no-longer in the visible spectrum of your security teams. If you can’t monitor them, you don’t know what is accessing your systems. Read Zero-Trust, read multifactor authentication, VPNs and specialized tools and frameworks such as Citrix, VMware, and PulseSecure that enable remote workers and their endpoints. 

There’s no need for anyone to run around installing (or uninstalling) software on different devices, setting up new accounts, deleting old accounts, creating new email addresses, etc., anymore. All this and more can be done through a single suite of tools called unified endpoint management solution.

For an enterprise like yours, “endpoint” can be different things – PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, wireless printers, smartphones, IoT devices, and anything in between. Managing these endpoints within your network can be challenging. It is all the more difficult to manage when you have devices traveling outside the company network. A good UEM solution provides you with a single, centralised platform to manage all this and more.

Additionally, unified endpoint management solutions can help you track security vulnerabilities across all endpoints. You have complete visibility across your entire IT network giving you the ability to resolve issues remotely, while cutting IT costs.

And of course, you are able to create a unified corporate IT environment that delivers optimised experience to everyone on the network. You can add users, manage their access levels, restrict data when needed, and ultimately retire endpoints as well as users at the end of their business lifespans.

The right Unified Endpoint Management solution will help your enterprise provide security updates, patch management, automatic hardware and software inventory tracking, logging, mobile device management, software and OS deployment, workstation remote control options, license management, and overall quick remediation capabilities from a single platform.

These highly automated and integrated tools can significantly reduce the workload and empower your teams to troubleshoot rapidly, improve productivity and security, and reduce costs.


We can help you find the balance between your needs as an enterprise and user experience. Your users do not have to give up their freedom when you gain more control across endpoints, data, users, apps and content.

Our Unified Endpoint Management solutions are easy to deploy, and can be configured to employ automation across your enterprise. With automation control, you can enable the right privileges and resources to your users, thus improving the overall user experience, as well as boosting productivity and security.

Talk to us to get started.

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