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Email Security

Email Security

Email Security refers to the protection of emails from prying hackers. Hackers send genuine-looking emails and trick users to open the attachment or link that comes with it. These attachments and links redirect users to malicious websites or trigger malicious activity like data breaches, etc.

Spam, Phishing, Spear phishing, Angler phishing, and Whaling – all different ways in which your mailbox can be compromised. But not the only ones. Email security goes beyond just protecting the individuals in your enterprise as in most cases, cyber stacks start with:

  • An email with a malicious attachment
  • Links to malicious sites that either steal your users’ credentials or plant malware, such as keyloggers
  • Adware or spyware, which may not necessarily result in direct losses, but are still a significant threat

You need your emails protected from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. For that, you need to secure your email. iValue offers end-to-end email security solutions that include:

  • Defining the email security solution
  • Designing Email Security Policies
  • Automating Email Encryption using asymmetric or symmetric email encryption
  • Cryptography services
  • Compliance with standards such as FERPA, HIPAA, HITECH, COPPA, PCI DSS
  • Configuring your mail servers’ spam filters
  • Augmenting email security with industry best practices
  • Sandboxing and analysis of suspicious emails


We work with your IT team to analyze your email requirements and landscape, and understand the kind of security you need, especially if you need compliance with specific standards such as PCI/DSS. We then design a solution that is tailored to your needs, encompassing:

  • Spam filter configuration using our best-in-class definitions that are compliant with all industry best practices. 
  • Email encryption along with allied cryptographic services, including SSL and TLS. 
  • Antivirus protection both from standard tools such as Microsoft Defender, as well as industry-leading antivirus, anti-spyware, and antimalware in general. We also enable automatic scanning of email attachments helping you avoid downloading malicious attachments. 
  • Secure email gateway (SEG) configuration and updates to quarantine spam and dangerous emails. Our SEG policies and definitions are updated regularly to protect against as many zero-day threats as possible. 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to separate the proverbial lock and key. MFA can have an unprecedented increase in your email security as it makes it exponentially difficult for attackers to gain access to your email accounts. 
  • Email Security on-premise and on-cloud – while the principles remain the same, the tools and solution architecture sometimes differ. iValue can help you optimize your email landscape for maximum security and reduced cost.
  • Employee education – it is one of the most important facets of email security because the most sophisticated attacks today are those that efficiently fool the user into performing the action required.  


iValue can help your organization design and implement an easy-to-use integrated email security solution that enables data protection and policy-based delivery of all human and machine-generated emails in the cloud and non-cloud environments.

Our email security solutions help you block threats and suppress the noise from false positives or alerts. Our Email Security solutions leverage industry-leading security tools that help you manage policies and tailor your security response depending on the magnitude of these alerts.

We secure your entire email infrastructure beyond just activating encryption services on your email service. Whether cloud or on-premise implementation, our solutions provide optimal email and data protection through advanced URL defenses, non-malware detection, in-house spam filtering, etc.

These solutions can be integrated with your existing cloud-based email systems like Microsoft 365 and G Suite. We can also incorporate remediation tools for Office 365 to remove emails from any mailbox that has become malicious after delivery.

Lastly, and most importantly, our Email Security Solutions include effective awareness, training, and sensitization programs for your employees so they can be vigilant and recognize dangerous emails at first sight. 

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