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Desktop and VDI

As organizations like yours expand, they start operating from multiple locations, either nationally or globally. This surfaces the need to have a remote access feature made available to the employees, also widely known as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in the IT world. VDI is an excellent solution that allows employees to access the files and tools from anywhere globally, allowing centralized device management with better security while saving costs. VDI, of all its advantages, tends to add to an organization’s network and cost if implemented without appropriate assessment.

At iValue, we help you implement VDI in the best possible mode. Our experts will understand your employees’ requirements regarding applications and internet usage. We then analyze your network to make it robust as per the employees’ requirements and capacity planning. In other words, iValue tailors the VDI as per your organization’s business needs.

Application Packaging and Distribution

As organizations grow, it becomes challenging and expensive to keep the employees’ systems updated with the latest versions of applications or deploy new applications on their computers. Application packaging is the solution to this challenge –adding application files to a package that is then moved to required computers in the network.
iValue’s application packaging and deployment offering increases your organization’s support efficiency at a lower cost and disruptions. Our software support experts will access your employees’ computers remotely to transfer and deploy the required software, troubleshoot, and resolve any software update issues being controlled from a central point, thus minimizing the security risk and eliminating the need for a separate software management staff at each location.

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