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Cloud Security

Cloud security or computing security refers to a collection of technologies such as tools, applications, and procedures to secure your data from external and internal threats. As more companies migrate to cloud-based tools and platforms, the need for security arises too. But in order to ensure data safety, companies need to understand the requirement for the protection of their data, applications, services, and other associated infrastructure of cloud computing. It consists of a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls to protect your cloud computing or hybrid work environments.

As companies migrate to cloud-based infrastructure, the security of their data from manipulation, deletion, or leakage, any modern cyberattack, is critical. One of the main challenges in cloud security is the lack of invisibility. Cloud service providers, by default, try to provide the best available cloud security via firewalls, WAF, obfuscation, tokenization, and virtual private networks (VPN) to ensure your data safety. But the requirements are different for each company and organization.

Cloud security solutions are configured per the organization’s needs. Each company approaches cloud security differently, and it can be as simple as authenticating access or more complex as filtering traffic between your network and the Internet. Analyzing and filtering traffic protects your cloud infra from advanced cyber attacks such as ransomware, persistent and polymorphic attacks, etc.

With cloud security solutions, you can have better control and visibility of your cloud infra. The traffic reaching your cloud infrastructure is analyzed, and only legitimate users can access your network. If the applied policy does not approve traffic per the defined cloud infra, that traffic gets blocked from reaching the servers.


Most cloud security solutions run in the cloud themselves. But sometimes organizations adopt hybrid work environments, a mix of platforms, applications, and network components hosted on-premises and on cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

For hybrid work environments, cloud security solutions follow the shared security responsibility model for overall security coverage, which follows best practices to keep data, systems, and applications secure across your IT landscape.

Security solutions protect data by identifying compromised assets and handling them accordingly. From keeping your infrastructure a the n-level update, up-to-date on patches, your security definitions current, identifying vulnerabilities through testing, managing new and emerging threats, and zero-day vulnerabilities – the list is nearly endless. 

Fortune Business Insights predicts Cloud Security to grow to a $110 billion market by 2029. 

There are multiple types of cloud security solutions – Cloud Workload Protection Platforms that have monitoring and threat prevention features, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) that monitor activity and enforce security policies from an access perspective, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) that deliver security tools and technologies from the cloud itself.

The best cloud security solution identifies the workloads that must be protected and employ policies, tools, and services to offer a single solution to complex security challenges within your infrastructure.


iValue helps your company design a security solution that fits your requirements and implement the cloud infrastructure without compromising  on the data accessibility 

We work on minimizing the false positive alarms and raising the red flag only when actual problems are detected. Since more organizations tend to use hybrid environments and multi-cloud strategies, our cloud security solutions support the ability to employ consistent security in a multi-cloud scenario with diverse types of deployments.

In iValue, our focus is to minimize the time in adopting and implementing cloud security solutions in your organization. We assess your organization’s needs and network architecture to integrate our solutions seamlessly with your existing policy systems, guaranteeing a uniform security policy across the network.

We also identify misconfigured cloud storage configurations that have the potential to cause data leakages. Our recommendation suite of tools and services in cloud security solutions will support and secure your network against all existing and evolving threats.

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