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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security information and event management (SIEM) are referred to tools and services that offer a view of the data security in an organization. SIEM provides visibility across multiple data security systems in an organization. It also uses “if-then” rules to correlate the events gathered from different security logs. SIEM notifies you about new incoming security events automatically using an embedded dashboard with direct notification settings.

Security information and event management, in fact, is the combination of two technologies: Security information management(SIM) and Security event management (SEM). SIM collects data from log files and reports any security threat while SEM conducts real-time monitoring.

Security information and event management tools provide security by following four steps: first, collect the data from all sources of network security such as operating systems, antivirus software, firewalls, and IPS. After the data collection, the Security information and event management administrator defines policies in addition to its default rules that fit specific security needs.

The next step is data consolidation and correlation. The collected data will be consolidated and analyzed. The consolidated data will be categorized based on the defined policies. If an event or set of events doesn’t follow SIEM rules, the system alerts the security personnel.

Over the last few years, Security information and event management has upgraded and become more than just a log prediction and management. The current version of SIEM provides User and Entity Behavior Analytics(UBEA) which is a very efficient data management system for managing newly evolved threats in addition to the regular and traditional ones.


SIEM solutions collect and analyze machine data from your network. This machine data can be from user transactions, customer activity, sensor readings, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity, and more. Machine data from your physical, virtual, and cloud environments are also included for its real-time analysis.

Such software solutions store, normalize, aggregate, and apply analytics to this collected machine data to discover trends and patterns, detect potential threats, pinpoint security breaches, and enable organizations to investigate alerts.

Since the machine data is fully indexed, it is available for ultra-fast full-text searches. This provides real-time correlation and analytics, security alerting, data presentation through user interface dashboards and reporting, compliance reporting, and support.

When security events or a set of events trigger Security information and event management rules, the system alerts your security personnel for further action.

SIEM tools can be integrated with other analytics products like User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) to perform baselining and outlier mechanism notifications. These can also include customizable rules for event correlation, site-specific threat analysis, optimized dashboards, etc.


When it comes to securing data and event management, the first thing that you need to consider in investing in SIEM is whether the provider is able to understand the importance of increasing security in your enterprise. In order to achieve such understanding, they need to understand your business and the type of data transfer event. In iValue, we offer real-time threat detection and response systems backed by a robust, open, and intelligent SIEM.

We have a comprehensive SIEM platform designed to manage all you need to handle even the most complex security process. You can take advantage of today’s rapid detection and powerful analytics tools to detect known and unknown threats, respond quickly to security alerts, and effectively mitigate risks.

Our SIEM solutions are equipped to modularly address your organization’s use cases, irrespective of their complexity. We can also help demonstrate compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and GDPR.

Add SIEM tools to your data security plan for data aggregation and additional monitoring and alerting. These are better at correlating and storing data for analysis and auditing, no matter how big the machine data gets. It adds intelligence to your raw data and establishes correlations between security events, thus allowing you to cut through the noise and prioritize high-risk threats.

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