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NextGen Security Nullify threat and route events that may compromise your enterprise security

The sheer number of class action and data breach settlements in the past couple of years have exceeded $2 billion. The famous incidents where Personally Identifiable Information and credit card information were disclosed to other areas, such as the Texas ransomware attacks, have shown us but one thing. There is no rest for cybersecurity. 

A simple firewall or anti-virus software isn’t enough to secure large-scale enterprises. As the business grows, the risk to data and applications grow commensurately. A 360-degree approach to security is essential to curb and combat threats. NextGen Security is designed for the very same purpose, combining people, processes, and technologies in an enterprise-wide security posture. 


The “NextGen” in security services is merely the evolution of cybersecurity to combat the threats of today. As cyberattacks increase in sophistication, the relentless pursuit of high-value targets, alongside ransomware, spam, DDoS, Phishing, and Social Engineering attacks, has continued. NextGen security aims to take a holistic look at what security means and establish an enterprise security posture that addresses each of the current and emerging threats, such as: 

    • Risk of data breaches – from firewalls to intrusion prevention, perimeter defence, and denial of service attacks are covered by these services. The solutions include vertical and horizontal segmentation, firewalls, and a zero-trust security approach to effectively prevent unauthorized access to systems and data.
    • User Protection – Here, malicious links, sites, and sources of malware are identified and blocked using content filtering mechanisms. These mechanisms are also used to filter-out objectionable content, including spam, hate speech, racial, sexual, and gender-based discrimination, etc., promoting a healthy work environment for the enterprise
    • System protection – Protection against ransomware, spyware, viruses, and other malware. 


There are a variety of tools and technologies available today, each offering some or more parts of NextGen Security. What you need is to be able to make the right choices in terms of what tools you need, what Over The Top (OTT) services, implementation, configuration, management, maintenance, testing, and training services to keep your workforce up-to-date and aware of cybersecurity response. 

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): These are crucial to application and user control and to ensure integrated intrusion prevention. They also aid in advanced malware detection and also leverage threat intelligence feeds.

For all the threats that have evolved to bypass traditional security methods, we give you an Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) and NextGen Security solution that detects, analyzes, and prevents threats from malware that has.

Anti-Spam & Web Content Filtering: Get an additional level of protection against phishing. Prevent users from visiting malicious websites sent via email and social media posts; direct them to a block screen.

Secure your database and traffic against malicious attempts resulting in DDoS, with our NextGen Security solutions like WAF, DAM, SSL Intercept, Static, and Dynamic Code Analyzer.

Protect your data both in transit and at rest with our Database Encryption and safeguard your digital keys with our Hardware Security Module.

A robust Endpoint Security prevents the malware from getting into the network, letting the servers keep doing what they do best. End Point Security pays special attention to the weak points of your network, especially where external devices connect. Prevent data theft and/or accidental disclosure of sensitive information with our Data Loss Prevention and Information Rights Management.

Improve your enterprise security, spike your productivity and reduce IT costs with our Identity Access Management, Privilege Identity Management, Privilege Access Management, Multi Factor Authentication.

Break free from traditional NAT implementations that do not allow any traffic that is initiated from the outside (EIM, EIF), or for inside protocols to loop their traffic back to the inside (Hairpinning). With iValue’s Carrier Grade Natting (CGN) achieve transparent connectivity (EIM/EIF), Hairpinning, and User Quotas.

Contact us to get started with your newest NextGen Security solution.

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