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Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

Our Infrastructure Managed Services offering will enable your organization to rapidly overcome the challenges in maintaining and utilizing the IT infrastructure to the best of its capacity and transforming the landscape to build resilience and future resistance for your business operations.
Your organization can be on a traditional setup of Data Center, Cloud, or both – we will help you capitalize on the assets to the best of their capacity, thus letting you focus on your core business.

Data Center Services

Our Data Center services provide you with continuous monitoring and nursing health check-ups for your Servers, Storage and Network Infrastructure, along with Cloud Support.
Our Cloud Support Services will help you find the right balance of efficiency and agility for your Cloud platform. With our Certified Cloud Experts, your organization will have a transparent, simplified, and cost favorable solution at its fingertips.
When most IT providers are racing to get their clients to migrate to Cloud, we understand that it is a tactical and sound decision for some organizations to continue with the traditional Data Centers due to various industry-specific complexities and challenges. We, unlike the market, are not losing our focus on supporting our Clients’ Data Centers.

Cloud Support Services

Migration to Cloud is only one part of the Cloud challenge. The next part of this challenge is to exploit the flexibility and transparency that a cloud offers for a cost advantage over a period of time. A cloud market like the mutual fund market is also ever-changing and requires a constant transformation of the existing processes to maximize benefit.
We at iValue, are positioned to provide reliable, transparent, and efficient support services for your Cloud. Our strong team of Cloud professionals and experts will deliver Cloud support and more to your organization. We talk to our clients and understand their business needs to prepare pre-defined and well-targeted transformation plans to help them achieve the optimal state of their Cloud infrastructure.
As part of our Cloud Support services, we help your organization first walk with Cloud, and with our Cloud transformational journey, we help your organization run with Cloud, be it – Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud.

Network Services

We at iValue believe Network is the limb of any IT Infrastructure. An organization with a strong infrastructure needs a stronger Network. With this age of new normal of work from anywhere, Network is of utmost importance, making it more important than most applications single-handedly. Network connectivity is becoming a challenge for organizations worldwide, with multiple sets of data and information flowing in numerous directions.
We will help your organization strengthen its network, be it as simple as emails and phones or as complex as LAN and WAN services.
However, in today’s world, having a strong network is enough. A flexible network is a key to moving ahead, thus dropping the heavy shackles of traditional network devices with updated choices such as SDWAN (add more here). We will help you choose the right technology for your Network to fit your business and IT needs without burdening your IT cost.
Our Network services will enhance your organization’s performance while being secure and dependable.

Infrastructure Consulting

Today, our lives are engulfed by technology, wherever we go or whatever we do. As much as technology has made our lives convenient, we feel redundant with every waking day. Today’s booming technology is tomorrow’s past replaced by a newer and more efficient one. And it has left many organizations with confused thoughts when it comes to building the right infrastructure.

This is where iValue adds value to your organization’s IT journey. We help you create an IT Strategy that benefits in the short term and sustains in the long term. We help our clients audit their existing infrastructure – the available assets, architecture, and processes. We help your organization explore, evaluate and choose the right mix of technology and partner. We help you create a balanced blend of Infrastructure that adds value to your current IT assets, conforming to the latest and projected norms of the industry while maintaining a watchful eye on your IT spend and core business requirements.

Onsite Services

With the new normal of Work from anywhere, organizations have a renewed view on the advantages of globalization. Like many of our clients, organizations have benefited from virtualized operating models and having the infrastructure tucked away in an economically feasible corner of the world. In this scenario, what happens when something on the ground goes wrong? What happens when a server encounters an issue? This is where Onsite Support Services come into play, and we help you choose the right partner to support you.
We help you choose the right partner that supports all onsite issues starting from Computers, Networks, servers to Data Center and the Cloud. We help you choose the partner that provides broader support with minimum resources and multiple skills, which places the decision-makers in a phone call’s reach. We help you create the right governance with the right partner for your Onsite Infrastructure support.

Hardware Installation & Configuration

With multiple technologies arise multiple setups, installations, and configurations. At present, your organization may require a simple infrastructure with a single tool or solution for your current business needs. Multiple tools and solutions will play when your organization steps into the future and expands its horizon. One single line of hardware or software won’t be enough. Training your internal resources on multiple aspects won’t be economical, neither would be hiring the Hardware or Software provider services.
We resolve this situation for your organization before it arises by providing all kinds of hardware or software services, be it Hardware and Network installation & configuration, Desktop and printer installations, or malware installation & updates via our highly trained professionals.

Solution Architecture and Design

Many of our clients come to us with what they think is the best IT landscape and solution per the current market trends. And mostly, there is a vast difference between what they feel they need and what they need. This is the difference captured in our Solution Architecture and Design. Our Solution Architects meet with your IT teams, understand your current IT landscape, record the information in systematic high-level design plans followed by detailed technical designs involving Project planning and tracking, resource planning, system, application, and data migration. Our design plans will focus on your core business and ROI as much as the IT needs. The designs and analysis will ensure that your organization meets your business needs with the best in practice IT trends at the best price!

Data Center Services

Data Centers are the crux for any organization. The data center receives data and sends data – sounds simple! Contrariwise, a data center isn’t just a storeroom for data. It is a complex asset for any organization like yours that requires constant maintenance. A data center involves servers, storage, backup, network, security, legal compliance, etc. In short, maintaining a data center on your own isn’t easy or economical.

We help your organization focus on your business by maintaining your data centers at an economical rate. We will keep your data center breathing with power backups and distribution, network, security protection, server load balancing, detailed business continuity plans. And we won’t stop at that; we will help your organization transform your data center using new technologies like virtualization and automation to our advantage. We will make your data center more efficient.

DC Consolidation, Relocation, and Hosting

As organizations like you progress in their IT infrastructure, they need to achieve more with less. We help you achieve this goal via means like Data Center Consolidation, Relocation, or Hosting to save operations costs, enhance security and improve energy efficiency via rationalization. As lucrative as the idea sounds, the planning and execution involve finer details like location, back & recovery, hardware and software compatibility, network connectivity, etc.
Our experts will connect with your internal IT professionals, analyze and document your IT assets to help you ascertain what suits your business operations needs the best – consolidation, relocation, or hosting. We then create a flexible plan deliberating all physical and virtual aspects, agreeing with your stakeholders in line with an organizational change plan to implement a smooth transition

Datacenter managed services

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ best describes a data center. Acquiring a data center is only the start of a journey to numerous critical processes like equipment maintenance, monitoring network & storage, cooling, power outages & backup, compliance processes such as documentation and trackers, legal monitoring such as licenses, etc.
Knowing the details of data center maintenance, it must seem a complex mesh of processes to be on top of. We aid you with our Data Center Managed Services to take care of these insurmountable processes with regular updates and analysis for continuous improvements to achieve efficiency.

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