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Remote Access (Work From Anywhere)

In the past, we have seen organizations being reluctant to accept remote working solutions due to doubts over network compatibility, security, etc. In 2019, COVID-19 didn’t leave any of us with a choice but to accept Remote working as the official manner of working. We have organizations coming to us who have taken the plunge to let their employees work remotely with a constant risk of device or network crash or security breach. We strive to make these organizations robust by keeping their employees’ computers robust.
We help organizations like yours and the employees to focus on your business deliverables by taking care of the local IT tasks such as Device Management and BYOD.


When COVID-19 hit the world, organizations – big and small, didn’t have enough inventory or the time to distribute the devices to their employees spread across the globe. The only option was to use the personal devices ranging from phones, tablets to laptops and desktops, available to employees for official purposes.
We helped our clients set up these devices to deploy applications, track updates, access the corporate network via services like VPN, establish a balanced, robust corporate security and privacy policy and access levels, etc. Organizations like yours realize the advantages of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, and we make you realize your goal of going remote.

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