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Yubico Technology Sales Demo

Imagine a company in which employees are involved in a broad range of diverse product and business operations and are facing differing authentication methods in their daily operations that are varying in their security level.
Staff training and management of diverse authentication methodologies requires sophisticated support infrastructure with complex administrative execution. This results in users facing several different authentications within a single work effort. Universal challenge in any organization would be to enhance their security posture without slowing down user authentication and workflow.

YubiKey by Yubico addresses any organization’s need to simplify their employees’ authentication experience without compromising strong security. Users could follow strong two-factor / multi-factor authentication, all with an intuitive, fast, and easy manner. And with strong phishing defense, YubiKeys are made to enable the workforce to stay protected against sophisticated phishing attacks

Now the question we would like to ask all of you is, “why can’t u sell YubiKey with every endpoint sold”?
Isn’t it beneficial to your reputation as a hardware driven company to provide an authentication solution with every endpoint sold?

Below addressed are the benefits of selling YubiKey with a Hardware Endpoint.

Benefits of deploying the YubiKey:
1. Strengthening security by introducing a highly phishing-resistant authentication approach
2. Greatly reducing chances of account takeovers and man-in-the-middle attacks by eliminating less secure methods of authentication such as SMS and phone-based OTP
3. Strong security ROI and improved productivity
4. Better end user experience for their developers making authentication as easy as touching a button

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