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Enterprise Password Management / Privileged Account/ Identity Management

Enterprise password management is a password security protocol that protects your company’s password using password security management software deployed explicitly for the enterprise. It gives the company visibility and control over account security.

Enterprise password management software seals security loopholes on attackers. It protects the password without compromising on the rate your other applications are running over or causing inconvenience for the users. 20%of companies keep their administrator’s passwords as the same default,” 1234,” and keep their data under breach risk.

Even after changing the password, hackers are equipped with password-cracking tools to steal enterprise passwords, access their data, and even breach multiple systems without cracking numerous passwords. Hence password management software is crucial for every enterprise to prevent internal and external access to the master password.

Enterprise Password Management is about helping organizations secure, manage, and track privileged credentials. You can protect your network from hackers or data breaches with a good enterprise password management solution. Such solutions can protect all access points with integrated single sign-on and password managers.

Password managers store credentials for regular users to access multiple accounts like email, bank accounts, and system logins. Privileged account management solutions are more suitable for privileged users, that is, users with more privileges than regular users.

These privileged accounts can be administrators in your organization whose protection is more essential to your security program than the “regular” users in your network.

And to efficiently identify, authenticate, and authorize these regular and privileged users on your network, you need Identity (ID) Management solutions. Enabling ID management solutions can save you IT time and money and reduce risk to your business.


With centralized password management systems, you can build a strong information security program within your IT infrastructure.

Choosing the suitable configuration of an enterprise password management system to support your organization’s needs can be challenging. But even worse is leaving your employees to select and manage their own passwords to access your network. After all, weak or common passwords have consistently been the cause of hacking-related data breaches around the world!

As hackers get more sophisticated using a combination of password-cracking techniques, brute-force attacks, or social engineering, it’s best to start deploying password managers installed locally or in the cloud to secure your network and your users.

A good password management solution makes it easier for you to manage role-based access through passwords. These solutions store passwords in a fully encrypted environment. Additionally, you can set rules for password creation, rotation, monitoring, and removal. In doing so, you can maintain security without disrupting employee productivity or system downtime.

Privileged Account Management (PAM) is the next generation of password managers that manage secret accounts. PAM solutions can integrate into multiple systems, share or delegate passwords to employees, rotate passwords, audit usage, and check-in and checkout processes.

And with ID Management solutions designed to give you centralized visibility and control, you can actively measure and monitor the risks to your network. These solutions evaluate the identity of the user first. Then password managers come into play to authorize access to that ID in your network.


With the rise in cyber crimes that can trigger high costs associated with data breaches and legal repercussions, organizations can not afford to take password management lightly. iValue helps you with the right Enterprise Password Management solutions that mitigate risks while improving your users’ performance and productivity.

We understand the need for Incident Response strategies and meeting updated compliance needs and structure your solution to address the associated requirements, standards and industry best practices. We have the expertise to handle your security needs – from securing passwords to discovering and booking privileged accounts and enabling secure usage of secret accounts and confidential data.

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