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File Replication

Offered typically as part of managed file transfer services, file replication helps you manage file synchronisation and data replication used for backup, sharing, syncing, and migrating data between business processes, systems, remote sites, and users. 

From a software standpoint, file replication systems are designed to provide efficient server to server replication, server to NAS replication, server to USB drive replication, and over the network LAN/VPN.

You can create an exact backup copy of files/folders between the server and disks in real-time, which helps to serve purposes like high availability, disaster recovery, load balancing, mirroring, reduction in network traffic, and more.

The Managed File Transfer service helps you manage SSL, TLS, and Cryptography needed to make file transfers and file replication safe, secure, and compliant with data regulations and industry best practices. 

The most common replication methods we use as part of our managed file transfer services are:

  • Synchronous Replication: In this, the receiving system acknowledges every single change received from the sending system. This is the safest replication method but requires maintenance of a “hot” backup site, and it is most effective in combination with “hot” failover solutions and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solutions. Thus making it the most resource-demanding method.
  • Semi-Synchronous Replication: In this, the receiving system sends acknowledgement only after a series of changes have been received. This method of synchronisation is parallel to the “warm” failover approach and may be the right choice for services that – in the event of a disaster – can allow for some loss of data and a reasonable amount of downtime.
  • Asynchronous Replication: In this, the sending system simply continues to send data, without receiving any response. This is the fastest replication method, but definitely less secure. Parallel to the “cold” failover approach, this method is best suited for static resources or scenarios in which data loss is acceptable.

The difference between File Backup and File Replication

Sometimes file backup and file replication are used interchangeably. But there is a significant difference you need to address – backup files show the data from the time of backup, while replicated files are updated as soon as the original file is changed in any way.

This particular feature of file replication software, where the copies are updated as per the changes made to the source file, helps in the protection and recovery of files.


File replication software can help you with data aggregation, data migration, workflow automation, data sharing, data copying, and data delivery across your network.

There are several file replication software to choose from. Go for solutions that offer:

  • Scheduled as well as automatic replications
  • One-to-one and one-to-many replications
  • Filters to customise the replications
  • Little or no limits on file size and usage
  • Real-time synchronisation
  • The ability to work with different devices, like virtual machines, hard drives, network disks, and other removable devices
  • The right file replication solution will also improve the end-point data protection across your entire IT infrastructure

In addition, we also provide the managed services associated with file replication, including maintaining the underlying infrastructure, database and storage management solutions, and certificate management as a start. With these associated services, you can be rest assured that your files – in essence, your data is secure at rest, and in motion.  


iValue offers replication and synchronisation software that fits your business requirements. We provide the flexibility to replicate and synchronise files between multiple machines. And support you with backups and recovery too. Let us show you how this can help your business.

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