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Server Solutions

You need robust systems to manage and support the applications your business needs. To support high-performance computing, you need server solutions that can evolve with changing business requirements. And the good news is that you can choose from a wide range of server solutions – both pre-configured and customizable – to suit your business requirements and deliver maximum performance while increasing ROI. A server is a dedicated computer or device on a network designed to manage network resources.

A server is intended only to perform server tasks and nothing else. In eccence, a server provides a secure place to store information and any critical file in the business. The stored data is copied into another drive at a real-time pace so that the server can carry on with the copied information if the source drive fails or faces any issues. In addition to the real-time data storage, servers are set to have a backup run on a daily basis which stores the data either on an online storage device or an external hard drive that can be disconnected from the device in case any unexpected event occurs.

Servers also manage user security like their account details, files, and directories they have access to, update the antivirus and operating system, store and control emails, and most of the other central tasks for your enterprise network users.

Are there different types of servers? A wide range of servers with different capabilities is available nowadays. Different types of servers include file servers, print servers, web servers, application servers, proxy servers, FTP servers, mail servers, etc. As these names suggest, these servers have different capabilities. So the server solutions you would require for your enterprise should be equipped to meet the challenges posed by technologies like cloud computing, virtualization, network storage, big data, and more.


Servers store your business data, applications, websites, and network resources, including remote network access for your employees. So how do you choose the right server solution?

Start with the server environment – where do you want to house these servers? Cloud, onsite or offsite?

If you are looking for cloud-based servers, you will have to purchase space on servers hosted in different regions across the globe. You will be given access to a portal where you can access your servers and cloud infrastructure. There is no need to worry about security or hardware maintenance – your cloud provider will take care of everything.

Onsite servers need dedicated spaces within your office premises that are adequately cooled and powered. And offsite servers are spaces you can rent from local and regional data centers for a monthly fee. Your IT team will do the maintenance, or you can outsource it to an IT provider.

The next point to consider is how big and/or capable is your IT team to take care of onsite or offsite servers. Will you be outsourcing the maintenance to another company?

What about your budget? Which server option does your budget allow you?

And if tragedy strikes, how will you perform disaster recovery reliably?

During these post-COVID times, many businesses have evolved to the new normal. So the suitable server solution needs to evolve with your changing business requirements.

Once you have the answers to the above, you will arrive at the most fitting server solution.


Choosing the right server solutions for your enterprise can be a daunting challenge. Let us guide you through the process to make an informed decision. Here at iValue, we offer a high-performance infrastructure platform for various enterprises with complete team expertise to assist you with your server security. We will also help you customize these server solutions to fit your needs and increase your IT infrastructure’s manageability, reliability, and flexibility. Irrespective of our server requirements, we can help you tailor your server solution and meet any application requirement and service. 

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