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WAN Optimization

When you are an enterprise, you deal with large volumes of data being transferred over a Wide Area Network (WAN) – but every single cent you save by optimizing your network adds up to hundreds of thousands, and sometimes, millions of dollars in cost-savings. 

With WAN Optimization (or WAN Acceleration), you can benefit from new and improved technologies and techniques that increase data transfer efficiencies across wide-area networks (WANs).

For example, WAN optimization can maximize the data transfer efficiency between your organization’s centralized data centers and remote locations where your end users access your data and applications.

It works by overcoming network latency, minimizing packet loss, and mitigating capacity limitations. Technologies like traffic shaping, data compression, data caching, data deduplication, etc., are enforced in WAN optimization solutions to amplify the efficiency of data transfers across the WAN.


You can achieve WAN Optimization with both software and hardware, as needed. It is an integral part of network management. Optimizing your wide-area networks allows you to prioritize your network traffic while still guaranteeing a definite bandwidth for your most critical applications and information. This helps accelerate the WAN to deliver the value you expect.

It is a good practice to adopt solutions that offer network transparency and preserve the original critically important IP and TCP headers while optimizing the traffic payload. This avoids obstruction of network services that depend on TCP headers.

Latency issues and network bandwidth costs can be significantly reduced with the right WAN solution. You can reduce response times across your IT infrastructure to optimize the performance of your workforce and your network while reducing your existing operational expenses.

Some of the techniques used to optimize your WAN performance include: 

  • Data caching – when your applications store some parts of the data in a cache, so it is not downloaded or uploaded each time a request is processed. 
  • Data deduplication – when your optimization solution identifies and eliminates redundancies in data, thus reducing the size of each packet that is transferred between the client and the server. 
  • Data compression – it works much like an archiving solution, significantly reducing the packet-size of the data being exchanged between the client and server
  • Network monitoring – optimization solutions can significantly improve WAN performance by identifying, prioritizing, and optimizing the traffic based on what is critical, what is crucial, and what kind of data transfer takes precedence over others. 
  • Protocol acceleration reduces the number of times the client and server talk to each other, thus reducing the amount of data transferred.


  • Quicker file access: Data compression technology allows file caching so that only new data is saved and retrieved. Since the full document is not reloaded every time a user requests it, the traffic payload is reduced, and access becomes quicker.
  • Faster response times: These solutions accelerate critical business application traffic across the WAN, thus enabling your workforce to work remotely without compromising efficiency and performance.
  • Improved application performance: Since bandwidth allocation is a true possibility with WAN optimization, you can run all your applications smoothly (or even faster) across your WAN. The same helps in relieving network congestion as well.
  • Better disaster recovery: You can easily back up your data remotely, which is key in recovering that data if and when disaster strikes. Additionally, your users can regain access to critical applications and information after crashes with faster response times.
  • Higher savings: WAN optimization solutions allow application consolidation, which allows you to reduce the cost of equipment and software your organization needs. You can further reduce your existing bandwidth costs since such solutions also offer bandwidth allocation.


iValue can help maximize your IT infrastructure performance with WAN optimization solutions with strategic approaches to address the needs of your workforce while integrating seamlessly with your existing network platform and other services and applications.

We provide you with the right recommendations for the people, processes, and technology aspects that would help you manage your WAN better and get the most for your users and from them while also allowing for significant savings in both total cost of ownership, as well as day-to-day management expenses. 

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