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Information Rights Management (IRM)

Information security is a significant concern for enterprises in the current digital world. The risk of being unable to protect the information is sometimes even more considerable than bankrupting the business. The latest strategy to ensure information safety is through Information rights management.

Information rights management is currently the last line of defense against cyber attacks. IRM is a data security class that uses an encryption strategy to implement security to your documents through selective permission policies. 

When there is a topic related to rights management, generally, it refers to the ability of the author or the owner of a particular document/data to define who will have access to the information and to what extent. Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Technological Protection Measures (TPM) is about protecting digital media to prevent unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted products and proprietary software.

A subset of DRM or TPM is Information Rights Management (IRM). It is also referred to as Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM).

Information rights management or E-DRM refers to protecting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, containing sensitive data from unauthorized copying, viewing, printing, forwarding, deleting, and editing. It can also allow you to control the security of your data, preventing users from marking up your documents or even accessing them after a specified period.

The IRM technology protects documents from unauthorized activity by embedding encryption and user permissions directly into the file. This way, it stays with the file throughout the lifecycle, whether in motion, in use, or at rest, irrespective of where the file goes.


Information rights management is the need of the hour. It protects your most sensitive documents as well as achieves compliance with mandates from HIPAA, SOX, GGLBA, PCI DSS, FERPA, and other regulations. Most of these regulations require access to business important be highly restricted, and Information rights management is the recommended way to achieve this requirement for the entire lifecycles of each of your documents.

In addition to encryption, additional Information rights management rules can restrict or allow specific activities. These custom rules can be created at the enterprise, department, group, or user levels based on data security, compliance, and governance requirements. Even when a user is off your corporate network, IRM rules still continue to protect the documents.

Information rights management can be integrated with technologies like identity and access management (IAM) and data loss prevention (DLP) to establish a powerful in-depth defense strategy for your enterprise. While it is not intended for every file your organization produces, you can protect specific kinds of information that contain highly sensitive information.

Another way to leverage Information rights management solutions is by putting the right document controls in place for each sensitive document within the organization. This helps prevent accidental data breaches from personal file-sharing applications at work, sending unencrypted emails, failing to delete confidential documents as required, or accidentally forwarding files to unauthorized individuals.


iValue will protect businesses’ commercially valuable and sensitive data and personal information. We will ensure that your data remains protected until archived or deleted. We at iValue ensure that your files are automatically encrypted and embedded with IRM without any need to download or plug-in an additional software. We will oversee the whole lifecycle of your information and give you control over the information access, from creation, distribution, and archiving or deletion. 

We start by identifying what needs to be protected, documents, emails, etc. Data leakage avenues are evaluated, like a list of users, actions, access duration, and access environments. Based on the analysis, we suggest and implement the best usage policies for emails and documents with an appropriate and cost-effective IRM solution.

Our IRM solutions are easy and intuitive, and we can assist you in adopting this security measure within your environment to secure your highly valuable information.

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