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Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS)

The intrusion prevention system(IPS) is a network security tool, hardware, or software, that constantly monitors the connections for potential threats and prevents any threats by reporting, blocking, or deleting if it manages to pass the security firewalls. It is placed in line between the source and destination and relatively behind the firewall. There are several types of intrusion prevention systems to detect threats. One method is searching for threats similar to the well-known ones, as they call it, a signature-based method. But this way, only prominent and well-established threats can be prevented, and the newly designed attacks will be unrecognized. 

The other method to identify a threat was anatomy-based. In this method, abnormal trends were the target. In this method, random samples of network activity would be compared with the standard. This method is more rigid than the signature-based, but it has a high rate of false positives and false negatives.

Policy-based is another method the traditional Intrusion prevention system implemented to prevent a threat. In this method, companies would define specific policies, and any activity that would not pass the predefined policies would be considered a threat and hence blocked. But there are challenges in defining a secure-enough policy that can cover all possible threats and avoid false blocking/ permission.

The next-generation intrusion prevention system, on the other hand, provides a wider spectrum of protection. The NGIPS implements a combination of technologies like deep packet inspection to ensure a proactive security approach for the organization.

Increasing the number and complexities of cyber attacks causes intrusion detection more challenging. Malicious attacks are getting more complicated as well and at the same time, detecting them also became more complex. New generations of attacks, such as DDoS and zero-day attacks, have targeted internet users and companies. Hence computer security is crucial as information technology has a part in every aspect of our life.


NGIPS detects and blocks exploits. Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated every day. NGIPS usually accompanies a next-generation firewall (NGFW) to deal with such advanced cyberattacks. As an inline device, it inspects and blocks traffic identified as malicious or unwanted.

It can also be deployed for passive detection at the perimeter or data center distribution instead of inline inspection.

In either case, the best Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System solution is the one that is stable, reliable, and fast for the infrastructure it needs to protect. Additionally, it should be flexible enough to integrate an existing security architecture without causing your organization to delve into a network redesign.

A dedicated Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System digs deeper into your security infrastructure to allow legitimate traffic while blocking attacks and resisting evasion techniques. And it catches sophisticated attacks while producing as few false positives as possible and without introducing network latency.

In addition, a dedicated NGIPS allows your organization management and threat visualization based on attack chains, device-level OS data, vulnerability intelligence, user and asset views, and more.


iValue can help your organization to align security, compliance, and threat management with your business goals. Our focus is quicker adoption and optimization of the most suitable NGIPS model for your organization.

With the next-generation intrusion prevention systems, you get more visibility and enhanced threat detection and response compared to simply enforcing firewalls on your network. We can identify and block malware as it invades your network or even if it merely resides at the various endpoints of your network.

Our Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System solution reduces overall expenses for your business. Our integrated security solutions increase and enforce consistent security across your entire infrastructure. The data provided through network visibility, security intelligence, automation, and advanced threat protection allows us to provide multi-level protection from potential threats.

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