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Vulnerability and Compliance Management (VCM)

It is accepted that various weaknesses exist in every software that is developed – that’s the need for Vulnerability and Compliance Management. It has been shown that the most common defects are the ones that are frequently used to attack users. 

Vulnerability and compliance management is an ongoing effort of detecting, analyzing, and resolving issues that are potential sources of venerabilities. There are four types of vulnerability in cyber security: network vulnerability, operating system vulnerability, human vulnerability, and process vulnerability. 

Vulnerability and Compliance Management can be broken down into four steps. The first step in VCM is to identify the vulnerability. Some different tools and solutions can provide insight into the applications’ potential security risks. After placing the vulnerability, the next step is to evaluate the exposure and eradicate the chance of false negatives and positives in the report. After evaluation, the threat needs to be resolved and fixed. In this step, well-trained recruits are required to be able to read the report and locate the issue.

The statement about the Identified and evaluated vulnerability should be sent to the development team to ensure the threat is fixed and will not be of any security risk in the future. These steps need regular scanning that focuses on especially identifying the vulnerabilities. These reports can then generate a generic dashboard and define risk exposure. It is crucial to keep operating systems, applications, and other third-party software updated in a digital environment to ensure that new vulnerability issues are identified and fixed in every version. 

While Vulnerability Assessments have a definite start and end date, Vulnerability Management (VM) is a continuous ongoing process that helps organizations like yours better manage their risks and vulnerabilities in the long run.

VM can get challenging when regulatory compliance requirements are involved. To achieve compliance, a Vulnerability and Compliance Management plan needs to be established where vulnerabilities are collected and ranked based on business and compliance realities. Regular scanning is performed for validation to avoid false positives and reduce duplicate efforts. Once a threat is accepted, mitigation efforts are put into place.


VCM solutions work by taking continuously taking vulnerability assessments of your entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, environments, and devices. These assessments help determine what has changed in the background, thus reducing time usually wasted in reanalyzing items that have already been reviewed.

Additionally, these assessments help your IT team and third-party tools like patch management, etc., rank vulnerabilities and set up a clear plan of action, which can often lead to remediation. However, there can be instances where the associated risks of these vulnerabilities are accepted. It depends on the business and compliance policies you have set up in your enterprise.

Another process, penetration testing, can further identify threats in your IT ecosystem. Full-scale penetration testing can determine if a vulnerability should be addressed and whether that action would cause damage, data loss, or other environmental issues.

Automating IT compliance and vulnerability management is a powerful solution to counter the daily threats and breaches your enterprise faces. These solutions significantly improve decision-making by presenting the information in an easy-to-digest way and providing visibility into compliance and patch status across the entire infrastructure stack.


iValue offers vulnerability and compliance management (VCM) solutions by first identifying the right VCM approach for your enterprise. Equipped with a suitable suite of tools and software, we can reduce your exposure to threats and breaches and boost your baseline protection across your entire IT infrastructure.

We align the right vulnerability and compliance management program with your business goals. This helps you quickly create and analyze success metrics, thus enabling you to communicate your success to the key stakeholders.

Tap into the broad range of tools and support we offer in our VULNERABILITY AND COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT program. By deploying the right VCM solution, you can continuously monitor and make timely decisions to handle threats. You can centrally manage the scanners and identify vulnerability severity levels in dashboard displays and reports.

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