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Security Analytics Identify and detect threats that pose the greatest risk to your IT infrastructure network

Before we get to what security analytics solutions mean to your enterprise, let’s ask, a more basic question – what is the cost of security? Is it the cost of keeping your enterprise IT landscape secure? Or is it the cost of losing control of your IT landscape?

It is a combination of both, and the added complexity of regulatory oversight required, including data domicile, compliance with industry standards like PCI/DSS and HIPAA. These are just scratching the surface of the different types of threats your enterprise cybersecurity posture needs to address. The questions now become: 

  • How you can do it – the different approaches, strategies, methodologies, tools, processes, and technologies involved in a cybersecurity posture that Security Analytics solutions help you identify and address. 
  • How well you need to do it – the different standards, industry best practices, and protocols that you need to establish in order to effectively prevent intrusions into your enterprise landscape. 
  • How sustainable you can make it – two parts to this point – one, the cost of security – and the second, the ease with which you can implement your enterprise cybersecurity posture. Security Analytics solutions help you establish the vision, percolating down to the security roadmap, percolating down to the strategies for different aspects of your enterprise landscape, further percolating down to the processes, and finally, the tools and technologies that you will use to achieve what Security Analytics helps you identify as recommendations. 

What to expect from Security Analytics services?

In a nutshell? You should expect end-to-end visibility into your as-is security posture, offering granular details into: 

  • What your current security measures are.
  • How they match up with industry standards, regulatory requirements
  • How they stack up against your competitors and peers
  • What are the gaps in your security posture
  • What are the current risks to your enterprise stemming from your current enterprise security posture, what it addresses, and more importantly, what it doesn’t address
  • What your enterprise security posture needs to contain – while security analytics alone will not define your to-be security posture, it will give you insights into what you are missing out on. 
  • The recommendations to transform your as-is security posture to the target security operating model. 

Security analytics solutions are guided by your enterprise vision for the cybersecurity posture. Thus, you need to start with the top, percolating down to the end-points – meaning your servers, workstations, laptops, desktops, printers, and other end-user devices that form a part of your enterprise landscape. 

At each level of the enterprise landscape, security analytics solutions will identify a wide variety of risks, vulnerabilities, threats, and associated mitigation strategies, approaches, methodologies, tools, technologies, and processes. 

  • Security analytics solutions for your applications will show you
    • What the vulnerabilities are
    • How your systems can be compromised
    • What the risks of a data breach are
    • How secure your enterprise landscape is, in the event of an intrusion. 
  • Security analytics of your infrastructure will evaluate your enterprise security posture against threats to servers, storage, databases, tools, endpoints, and other systems
  • Security analytics of your network will show you how effectively you can arrest a hacking attempt,
    • Before it can compromise your perimeter defence
    • By isolating your systems vertically and horizontally so that one system being compromised does not translate into an enterprise-wide security failure
    • By limiting the attacker dead in their tracks through micro-segmentation, which is a step further to vertical and horizontal segmentation of your systems, by which you secure your landscape in significantly smaller segments, each with individual security systems that are distinct from the others. 
  • Security analytics of your tools and corresponding infrastructure will identify the vulnerabilities, risks, and associated mitigation strategies 

Security Analytics solutions will (and should) essentially guide you to the right (best) enterprise security posture that will keep your enterprise landscape secure, and free from cybersecurity incidents. 


iValue helps you rationalize the approach to an effective enterprise security posture with security analytics solutions. We breakdown your security requirements at each layer of your IT landscape and help you establish the right people, process, and technology solutions that will secure your landscape from attacks and risks from within and outside the enterprise network. 

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