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Case Studies

Displaying Case Studies for Stratus

Edge Computing in Upstream Oil & Gas

QuarterNorth Energy is a leading oil and gas producer that operates deep water assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Through innovation and a disciplined approach to oil and gas production management, the company specializes in operating diverse assets by using technology to gain efficiencies and generate profits.QuarterNorth engaged Enginuity Global, a system integrator with expertise

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Leading LDC panel manufacturer ensures continuous operation of its Gen 8.5 production lines with Stratus® everRun® Enterprise

A leading TV panel supplier and a subsidiary of TCL Group, Shenzhen China Star Electronics Technology, Co., Ltd. (CSOT) first began production in 2009 as one of China’s independently-built, highest generation thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) manufacturing facilities. CSOT is always looking for ways to reduce costs and enhance performance. This starts with making sure

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Protecting Data Centers from Unplanned Downtime and Failure

The data center customer based in Downtown Denver, CO was not satisfied with the current set-up because of the variety of disparate solutions without a central and integrated digitalized core and existing data center solution did not have power redundancy and operations fail-over. DCI installed EcoStruxure and all the other Schneider Electric software in the

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Breton’s Next-Gen Stone Processing Machines Incorporate Stratus ztCTM Edge to Prevent Unplanned Downtime for Customers

Breton – a pioneer for development of advanced technologies and materials – is since 1963 a world’s leading manufacturer f equipment, machines, and plants to produce and process engineered stone, natural stone (marble, granite, ornamental), and metals. Breton’s mission is helping customers by partnering with them to innovate their production processes and enhance their business

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