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Empowering OEM success across APAC

iValue advantages for OEMs

At iValue Infosolutions, our core competencies revolve around delivering exceptional OEM-focused solutions. Leveraging extensive experience with a wide array of OEMs, we articulate solutions that provide comprehensive advantages for our customers.
Over 75 OEMs have increased their revenue streams with iValue. Are you next?

The iValue Advantage

iValue’s focus on OEMs aims to bring together iValue’s extensive tech stack with the unique strengths of OEMS and align it to market needs.

years expertise
Channel partners
Named accounts
In-house tech team

Vertical-Focused Approach: Our focused approach to verticals allows us to proactively address horizontal requirements, rather than just accommodating vertical-specific needs.

Comprehensive Support: As an OEM partner, you will receive extensive support at every step of the journey. From onboarding to sales enablement and marketing assistance, we are committed to your success.

Vast Portfolio: We offer a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge products and services, giving you access to a wide range of solutions to meet the demands of your customers.

Customer-Centric Focus: Our focus is always on delivering exceptional customer value. By partnering with us, you align with a company prioritizing customer success and satisfaction.

iAcademy: In-house program to continuously nurture and develop talent across sales, pre-sales, and service delivery.

Extensive partner network: We have cultivated an extensive partner network comprising industry-leading OEMs and technology providers, enabling us to offer a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Regional Dominance: Our robust presence in the reselling domain and distribution landscape ensures widespread coverage across key global markets, guaranteeing effortless accessibility to our cutting-edge solutions and services.

Global Reach, Local Expertise: With a strong presence in 5 countries and 7+ offices, we offer unparalleled access to APAC’s geographical regions, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Singapore.

Our Specialization


Government agencies across the country are turning towards digital as they seek to drive public- sector services and governance systems towards efficiency and transparency. At iValue our solutions and products are geared towards helping governments successfully achieve this. Our rich domain experience in this sector has led us to forge long-term partnerships with government agencies both at the central and state levels.

We are deeply cued in to all Government of India (GOI) projects and initiatives while being aligned with GOI project consultants for utmost clarity on RFPs. We possess a strong & dedicated Presales Technical team for designing the framework of RFPs and providing best-in-class solutions for data centre projects.


We deliver strong competitive advantage to OEMs by providing deep-dive insights of requirements in the Banking Sector and compliance with multiple departments. With iValue you gain a partner with in-depth vertical specialisation and deep domain expertise of banking IT solutions. We are thoroughly aligned with key consultants involved in important BFSI projects while possessing a dedicated Presales Technical team for designing the most apt and effective solutions.
Our long and successful association with the banking industry has allowed us to gain considerable domain expertise and significant successful implementations.


In a dynamic business environment, enterprises continuously undergo transformation in process and management models. We have been at the forefront of developing crucial solutions in tandem with OEMs to help enterprises drive growth in their respective segments. We deliver robust, scalable solutions that have driven Customer Life Cycle adaption within the DAP and DNA space across 300 named accounts PAN India. Our best-in-class offerings (spanning over 150 solutions) are highly relevant for both the external and internal requirements of an enterprise. Our forte lies in a strong presales expertise that drives an extremely efficient designing of POCs and solutions.


Our robust and well-designed channel partner model offers us a strong framework and harmonious ecosystem to help deliver effective results. Deploying an effective Channel Partner strategy has been key to our success.

We ensure precise categorization of channels as per their domain expertise and a PAN India segregation of partners. We have ensured alignment with various practices of our partners with iValue's respective teams for effective results. We deliver value by maintaining separate teams that focus on GSI, NSI, LSI, and large infra bidders.

We are proud to be associated with leading OEM partners in the industry

Unlock your competitive advantage and drive success in the OEM landscape with iValue Infosolutions. Partner with us today and shape a future of innovation and excellence.
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