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Case Studies

Displaying Case Studies for Keysight

Secure, Compliant, installed within Hours

One of the largest providers of secure payment processing in the United States, with over 1,000 employees and more than 20 years of experience in the electronic payments industry. To ensure network security, resiliency and compliance, they needed better visibility into their network for PCI (payment card industry) compliance and delivery of packet data to

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Financial investment firm reduces risk

Financial Investment Firm Specializing in High-Net-Worth Individuals, faced a unique challenges from a defensive network security standpoint due to the simple fact that they are the guardians of people’s financial assets. Key issues were to Strengthen security posture, Maximize secuity solutions and Improve time spent analyzing events. After deploying Keysight solutions the company was able

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Hyperbox Tackles attack traffic with IXIA ThreatArmor

Hyper Box, a veteran of the Japanese Internet industry, had been suffering in recent years from a glut of cyberattacks. Since they were unable to utilize powerful security devices over the shared network provided by their service, they were forced to constantly check logs and manually respond to attacks on a daily basis. As a

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Stronger Deployment of LPS Ensures Protection and Uptime

The organization had already implemented IPS systems from multiple vendors. But, worried that high traffic volume could overwhelm their new systems, they wanted a high availability solution that could ensure network uptime and maximum security inspection of live network traffic. Due to the importance of inline security, the company executed a proof of concept with

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