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Desktop and VDI

Scale-up with confidence Scale-out with performance

Desktop Management and Virtual Desktop Solutions defined by your global operations strategy.

As organizations like yours expand, they start operating from multiple locations, either nationally or globally. This surfaces the need to have a remote access feature made available to the employees, also widely known as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in the IT world. VDI is an excellent solution that allows employees to access the files and tools from anywhere globally, allowing centralized device management with better security while saving costs. VDI, of all its advantages, tends to add to an organization’s network and cost if implemented without appropriate assessment.

At iValue, we help you implement VDI in the best possible mode. Our experts will understand your employees’ requirements regarding applications and internet usage. We then analyze your network to make it robust as per the employees’ requirements and capacity planning. In other words, iValue tailors the VDI as per your organization’s business needs.

As organizations grow, it becomes challenging and expensive to keep the employees’ systems updated with the latest versions of applications or deploy new applications on their computers. Application packaging is the solution to this challenge –adding application files to a package that is then moved to required computers in the network.

iValue’s application packaging and deployment offering increases your organization’s support efficiency at a lower cost and disruptions. Our software support experts will access your employees’ computers remotely to transfer and deploy the required software, troubleshoot, and resolve any software update issues being controlled from a central point, thus minimizing the security risk and eliminating the need for a separate software management staff at each location.

We accelerate your end user computing with effective image management services. Whether delivered as a remote service, dispatch, or depot services, we streamline your device management and application packaging with efficient role or persona-based image libraries. We also coordinate with your vendors to support direct-ship and device as a service model, reducing waiting time, and improving the end-user experience.

As part of our End User Computing services, our Image Management offering is delivered across the globe in a fully scalable delivery model, whether remote, onshore, near-shore, or with a hub-and-spoke hybrid delivery approach, as suitable, and preferable to our customers.

From the time a device is procured, to its final journey for disposal, our end-to-end device management services are aimed to deliver three outcomes:

  • Value for money – Ensuring every device is identifiable, discovered, connected, up-to-date, and functioning at peak performance
  • Longevity – Leveraging our CMDB, Patch Management, Vulnerability Management, and End Point Security capabilities, we make sure every device we manage is performing within acceptable thresholds, extending the usability of the device, and tenure.
  • Security: Every device we manage is also secured and compliant with the enterprise security posture, and meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements where applicable.
  1. Device as a Service:
    As value aggregators and technology enablers, Device as a Service (DaaS) has consistently been one of our strengths. Our technology partnerships allow us to support a variety of device requirements that meet your expectations of performance and experience. With a fully-managed OpEx model, we delivery value to your technology landscape without the need for you to invest in the people, processes, and technologies required to manage a vast array of devices. Our services extend to both end-user devices such as a laptops and desktops, to enterprise-grade devices such as servers, network, security, and communications equipment, in attractive pay-as-you-go models.

    Governed by our Device Management methodology, which in turn is a subset of our Asset Management offering, iValue DaaS services are designed to perform, engineered to exceed expectations, and delivered globally using our extensive partner and supply chain ecosystem.

  2. Break-fix Services:
    We manage IT Assets, we provide DaaS, a natural extension of these two solutions, is break-fix support. Our global asset management offering includes break-fix support, to help you minimize downtime and reduce the loss of productive hours of your talent pool.

    Using a hub-and-spoke delivery model, we leverage our asset and device management talent and facility pools to also deliver timely and effective break-fix services.

    Based on your requirement and preference, we can maintain an adequate inventory of spares and consumables, as well as replacement devices to make sure your users are never at a loss.

    While some of our customers prefer walk-in kiosks for break fix support, others that have a geographically distributed user-base prefer a hub-and-spoke with dispatch and shipping services, where we either ship replacement parts with desk-side or last-mile-partner-based installation support to reduce the time taken to repair or refurbish damaged assets. We also offer temporary replacement devices for VIP or critical resources and can direct-ship replacement devices to users. When combined with our overarching End User Computing services, the replacement device is equally capable, reliable, and compliant with the same configurations as the device needing break-fix support.

  3. Depot Services:
    In a world where a globally distributed workforce and work-from-home is the norm, efficient device management is defined by our depot services. From peripherals and accessories, to system upgrades, and replacement parts, our depots, strategically located in the vicinity of your user-base can exponentially increase your responsiveness to service requests and issues.

    Whether it is catering to device refresh, break-fix support, or delivering new devices in a direct-ship model to end users, our depot services allow your users to plug-and-play into your IT Landscape.

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