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Remote Access (Work From Anywhere)

Let New Normal be Business As Usual

Don’t let the pandemic prevent growth. Empower your workforce with remote access with security, speed, and flexibility.

In the past, we have seen organizations being reluctant to accept remote working solutions due to doubts over network compatibility, security, etc. In 2019, COVID-19 didn’t leave any of us with a choice but to accept Remote working as the official manner of working. As the earlier concept of work-life separation begins to blur, we have work-life integration as the new norm. To support employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, anytime, anywhere, anyhow access is critical, meaning that authenticated, and authorized users should be able to access systems, data, and applications from the device of their preference. With diversity in devices, comes the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.

We have organizations coming to us who have taken the plunge to let their employees work remotely with a constant risk of device or network crash or security breach. We strive to make these organizations robust by keeping their employees’ computers robust.

Based on the landscape, the business-critical applications, the compliance requirements, and the assessed risk-levels, we provide a variety of solutions that enable anytime, anywhere, and anyhow access. Some of the solutions we have implemented for our customers include:

  • Horizontal, vertical, and micro-segmentation of the landscape to isolate potential hackers and restrict their mobility within the landscape
  • Zero-Trust approach for business-critical systems and applications
  • Server-side isolation to reduce the burden of extensive device micro-management
  • Integration with Single Sign On (SSO), IDAM solutions, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Secure Access protocols using technologies like VMware Horizon, PulseSecure, and Citrix

Today, the work culture has evolved to a new normal and as the global populace recovers from the aftermath of the pandemic, the ease of working enabled by work-from-home and any-device access have become the mainstay of today’s work-life balance.

Earlier, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was restricted to the mobile phone that could access email, collaboration, and meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams, and perhaps some of the non-critical employee information systems and workflows. Today, this reality is changing.

To cope with this change means opening up the core of the IT landscape to a variety of devices that are not company owned or company managed. In such situations the IT Services teams need a helping hand in succeeding at the balancing act between access and security.

We have helped our clients set up these devices to deploy applications, track updates, access the corporate network via services like VPN, multi-factor authentication for secure access, and portals that enable access, while also preventing a direct connection, which could open up the systems to a variety of potential malcontent. We have established a balanced, robust approach to corporate security and privacy policy and access to help customers realize the advantages of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, without the risks associated.

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