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Data Availability

Data availability is the process of ensuring that data is available to end users and applications when and where they need it. Maintaining a high level of data availability helps to prevent site downtime and disruption of service, making it crucial to your organization’s success.

Data availability solutions are designed to protect, restore, and scale your data while avoiding downtime or recovery disasters. You need these solutions to protect customer, and user experiences with continuous data availability across data centers to support your mobile workforce, remote working, cloud computing, and generally keep up with today’s business-critical requirements.

You don’t need an army of tools and technologies to make and keep your data available at all times. The right data availability solutions can fit your needs, along with the IT and management rules and procedures your business needs.

What you need, though, is a conscious and meticulous data availability strategy that aims to 

  • Aggregate your enterprise data into an integrated platform to avoid silos 
  • Integrate your data sources efficiently to facilitate the seamless sharing of data across the enterprise
  • Implement the best security protocols to ensure that while the right people, processes, and technologies have easy and instant access to the data, nothing else is able to touch this data. 
  • Implement the right set of automation tools that helps you easily provision data sources and data resources, ideally without human touchpoints. 
  • Include the best BC/DR solutions to your data availability approach


Having a plan is the key to maintaining a high level of data availability across your entire IT infrastructure. The first set of questions to ask is – What is the data that you have? What is the data you aggregate, and how much of this data is aggregated at each data source? And lastly, How is the data aggregated by each source (whether it is a business unit, team, geography, or department within your enterprise)?

Next, we ask:

  • What is your data access requirements from the different data usage points within your organisation?
  • A follow-up to the previous question, what is your Identity and Access Management strategy for the data sources you want to be governed by your data availability solution?
  • What are your RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) targets?
  • What are your backup plans?
  • How would you access data when network components, storage devices, or servers might fail?
  • What are your failover options?
  • What about virtualisation?

These are some of the questions you have to answer to protect and maintain the high availability of your data. The right data availability solution will be the one that supports your vision of high-availability data and disaster recovery for your organisation.

As your organisation becomes more data-driven, inaccessible data will not only be just a minor annoyance but a major hindrance to productivity within your workforce. Additionally, it might hamper your customer and end-user experiences as well. And that’s something you can afford.

So choose the right tools to enable high availability of data across your network.

And don’t forget to think about disaster recovery.

The right data availability solution will ensure simplified recovery plans with minimal downtimes across your multi-cloud, virtual and physical environments. You can rest assured that even if disaster strikes, it won’t disrupt your systems and affect your business. In any scenario, your data is always safe and always just a few clicks away.

How iValue can help you with data availability solutions

We can serve the right licensing options that fits your business model. Our team of experts can find and enable the right next-generation solution that supports your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

The right tools can deliver high availability and disaster recovery, including highly aggressive RPO and RTO targets, for your servers. We can connect you to these tools to make you less vulnerable to component failures or operational disruptions within your network.

We understand the repercussions of data loss or loss of access to data, like financial costs, decreased employee productivity, the diminished reputation of the business, as well as loss of trust by the customers. So we endeavour to bring you the best suite of tools for high-level data availability and disaster recovery.

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