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Network Performance Management / Network Forensics

Network Performance Management

If the global pandemic taught us anything, it is that the traditional ways of working are over. The new normal is one where the workforce, the market, the stakeholders, and the enterprise systems are all distributed globally, requiring networks to connect them seamlessly, performing impeccably all the time, 24/7. 

iValue recognizes the criticality of Network Performance Management and has structured its capabilities and experience such that you get the best there is from your enterprise networks, balancing cost, efficiency, productivity, and performance. 

If you are in doubt about why the Markets and Markets global Network Monitoring Market projections show that by 2027, enterprises will be spending over $3 billion a year on Network Monitoring alone, you are at the right place. 

To begin with the basics, Network performance management is the collective technique that enables, manages, and ensures optimal performance levels of a computer network. Network performance management generally requires the performance and quality service level of each network device and component to be routinely monitored.

The network performance is the quality of the service delivered to your clients. It is the speed of your network. So network performance management includes performance management and fault analysis.

With network performance management, you can identify the root cause of issues before they result in outages or contribute to negative user experiences.

Network forensics is the capture, recording, and analysis of network events to discover the source of security attacks or incidents. It is related to the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection.

With network forensics, you can adequately investigate and stop data breaches that threaten to cost organisations money, competitive advantage, or both.

The right strategy of network performance management with network forensics can make your life easier by monitoring and identifying issues in the network infrastructure, overall performance, and bandwidth usage.


Network performance management NPM solutions help identify and reduce the bottlenecks in your network that can affect your users while still maintaining business operations. With the right solution, you can monitor, troubleshoot, and analyse what’s happening across your IT network.

Most NPM solutions are network monitoring and analysis suites that can discover and decode network performance data for you. There are solutions that can automatically investigate suspicious events or activities, using threat intelligence capabilities and responding according to their findings.

There can be additional modules in NPM solutions that cover capabilities like traffic analysis, virtual application networking, and remote infrastructure monitoring and management.

Additionally, there are NPM solutions that offer a comprehensive monitoring software suite that covers infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, and network monitoring. Such solutions automatically discover, map, and monitor cloud deployments, including AWS and Azure, and can be extended to multiple remote networks.

With the right NPM solution, you can capture a view of your network traffic data and enrich it with critical business data. This allows every network event or analysis to be tied to business information — revenue and costs, customer and user experience, performance, and risk. Users are provided with greater visibility into error rates, network usage, and throughput through alerts and interface metrics.


Choosing the right solution for your enterprise can be a challenge. So we are here to ease your way in adopting the best solution for your enterprise. We will profile the best networking performance management solutions and guide you in adapting your existing system to it.

With our team of professionals, you can rest assured that you will get complete visibility across your network. We will set up systems that will pull in actionable analytics data from the entire network, including core, aggregation, and access networks, for you to take informed decisions.

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