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Data Classification / Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Data breaches can affect companies up to $4.5 million; damage costs to the business brand can last for years. In the digital world, cyber attacks can cause damage to every business. With the changes in cybersecurity, companies will need to make necessary changes to keep their data safe. Data Loss Prevention solution ensures that your data won’t cross the corporate network.

Data loss prevention is a set of tools and configurations. And help organizations achieve three objectives. It enables personal information protection/compliance in companies with PII, PHI, or PGI archives. in such companies, data loss prevention solutions are designed in such a way as to protect the customers’ sensitive data. The next objective is related to companies with intellectual property. In such companies, the financial state and brand name carry very high importance; hence, their safety is of the highest importance.

With a data loss prevention solution, such data can be stored and classified with policies and control to protect the exfiltration of such data. And the last, data loss prevention tools can be designed to provide visibility into each user’s data movement. These are effective data management strategies to employ for the protection and transparency of data on your corporate network. 

Data classification helps in security purposes and can organize data into specific categories and makes it easier to retrieve, sort, store, and protect data for future usage. With a well-planned data classification system, you can know what data you have, its location, and how sensitive it is.

Data loss prevention (DLP) detects potential data breaches or leakages, and prevents them by monitoring, detecting, and blocking sensitive data while in use, in motion, and at rest. data loss prevention helps avoid exfiltration transmissions or unwanted destruction of sensitive data while ensuring your users do not transmit any sensitive or critical data outside your network without authorization.


Data classification solutions can help you quickly identify where your sensitive data resides on your network. These solutions use policies to facilitate proper labeling of your sensitive data, as well as protect the same across the complete IT infrastructure.

DLP solutions protect data by preventing unauthorized end-users from accidental or malicious data sharing across computer networks. These solutions assist network administrators in controlling which data end-users can access and/or share.

With the robust combination of data classification and data loss prevention solutions, you can introduce an extra layer of data security to your corporate network. Employees can mark documents that carry sensitive data, helping data loss prevention solutions to recognize them quickly while scanning the data classification tags. Such practices can ensure the right policies are applied to protect from intentional malicious intent.

These solutions are crucial for risk management, legal discovery, and compliance. You can protect personally identifiable information (PII) and comply with relevant regulations with these solutions, which are critical for your organization.


Our data classification and data loss prevention solutions are the best-in-class enterprise-level data management solutions. We can easily integrate into your existing work environments, including mobile workforces, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, to secure data in a zero-perimeter world.

We can help you achieve site-wide data visibility across your corporate network wherever your workforce is active. Our solutions are designed to extend data loss prevention policies to cloud applications, remote cloud systems, network data stores, databases, and managed endpoints, without frustrating your end users.

These solutions are equipped with a single console to enforce your policy rules across all channels – cloud, network, and endpoints. This single point of control also offers advanced analytics and regulatory policy templates to choose the right deployment option for your IT environment for maximum and efficient data security.

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