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Application Life Cycle Management - Solutions with Services | for every DX need!

Application Lifecycle Management

New ways of working, decentralised global businesses distributed around the world, new devices, technologies, and the looming future of wearables and IoT have changed Application Lifecycle Management as we know it. Today, apps cannot remain the mainstay of desktop computers, and the demand for anywhere access has been accelerating since even before the pandemic. From the digital transformation paradigm to the rise of the remote worker, enterprises have been struggling to keep pace with this ever-changing marketplace. 

Application Lifecycle Management from iValue is tailored to meet your needs for today and the future. We partner with you as a seamless extension of your IT team, providing consulting, insights, and managed services that help keep your applications current, feature-rich, available, and performing at peak efficiency.

Digital Transformation thru Application Life Cycle Management Stack

Development/ Version Control
  • Code Hosting, Repository 
  • Application Security
  • SAST Testing
  • Kubernetes Management
Static Code Monitoring
  • Static Code analysis 
  • Semantic scanner 
  • Vulnerabilities in Code 
  • Style check
Testing Environment
  • Middleware
  • Load Runner
  • Functional Test
  • Automation Test
  • Data Management
Deployment - Public & Private Cloud
  • Deployment Automation 
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Kubernetes Management
App Hosting / Management
  • App Availability
  • Load Balancing 
  • Server Security 
  • PIM / PAM 
  • Plug-in API
  • Encryption CDN
  • WAF
App Security / DB Security
  • Fortify DAST 
  • Red Teaming 
  • API Security 
  • Cloud Application Security 
  • WAF

  • Application Monitoring
  • Analytics 
  • Threat Intelligence 
  • Application Observability

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data-In-Motion



At iValue, we understand how your application lifecycle management (ALM) is defined by your business needs. Hence, whether we are managing projects for you or providing end-to-end application lifecycle management, we focus on the business objective of each of your applications and how they integrate into your business vision.

We build an Agile DevOps or DevSecOps solution based on your release cycle and help you transition both your planned and in-flight projects to an integrated application lifecycle management solution. We focus on helping you define the best way forward to integrate your feature backlog, enhancements, bug fixes, and change requests based on priority and feasibility to effectively manage your applications. 


The principal consideration for an effective Application Lifecycle Management solution is how it is designed to suit your requirements.

Hence, we first identify the business-impact map of your landscape based on the structure of your business operations, teams, and current processes. We do this to avoid change resistance and also to help you make a smoother transition to application lifecycle management. 

We conduct extensive interviews with your in-house teams, contractors, if any, and stakeholders to identify the knowledge elements and document them to serve as the basis for beginning application lifecycle management. As Knowledge Acquisition and Retention is one of the key focus areas, we deploy a fully-built team for you that includes designers, architects, developers, testers, and automation experts who help you identify automation opportunities efficiently. 

Our focus is two-fold:

  1. We aim to reduce cost and speed-up ROI, so our application lifecycle management solutions are always designed with a global delivery model because it reduces cost and allows us to run a 24/7 Agile DevSecOps engine speeding up your build-to-deploy turnaround time. 
  2. We endeavour to fail fast so you can arrive at the best-fit solutions for enhancements and future-requirement. Doing this allows you to try out new and emerging technologies for pilots and POCs that can significantly help you remain ahead of the curve

iValue’s application lifecycle management services are delivered as Staff Augmentation, Fixed Fee, or Managed Services, depending on your volume, scale, and your preferences. We also offer a mix of onshore and offshore to help you retain more control over the application lifecycle management processes, giving you additional visibility and transparency. 

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