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Voice & Video Collaboration

Voice and Video collaboration tools and services help in virtual collaboration. Nowadays, a significant percentage (or all) of your workforce is mobile – whether they are remote or operating from your multiple facilities, they need to be connected to everyone they have to b. They are beyond the walls of your actual office. And to help them keep up with each other productively, you need to upgrade your existing communications architecture.

Voice and Video collaboration solutions help in improving the efficiency of your teams, providing them a quick and easy way to connect with everyone they need to, communicate and collaborate with them, no matter where everyone is located, which device they are using, or whichever time zone they are dwelling in.

You can build a unified and intelligent network that boasts of superior voice, video and data connectivity with such solutions. This will help you streamline your business processes, quicken decision making, and of course, reduce travel costs significantly. Such effective collaboration can help you, as an organization, to work smart and more effectively.


As an organization, you are already equipped with communication tools for endpoints, devices, and applications. These tools can be smartphones, teleconferencing, video conferencing, emails, and even satellite communication.

But not all your teams use all the available resources, do they?

Different teams have different needs.

While your Sales team might need smartphones, your Developers might be more interested in online collaboration services like file-sharing. So, it’s better to come up with a unified communications strategy that addresses all the requirements of your team members.

Otherwise, there will be a huge redundancy of tools across your network, unnecessarily putting a burden on your resources and increasing license costs. For example, do you need Zoom or Pexip when you have teams? Do you need Citrix telephony systems when Microsoft teams has augmented its functionality to include telephony, in addition to voice and video collaboration features? 

These kind of questions are what your voice and video collaboration solution provider needs to help you answer, and of course, identify the best solution for you, implement, and manage it. 

The right set of voice and video collaboration solutions can transform your collaboration experiences with high-quality audio, easy connectivity to your existing platforms, and powerful conferencing features.

There is a wonderful mix of modern communication tools and services commercially available in the market right now, such as cloud PBX, call recording, auto-receptionist, voicemail, web conferencing, and integrated collaboration tools. You can choose among these (and others) to find the right suite of voice and video collaboration tools that suit and support your business goals. And of course, improve the efficiency of your teams.


iValue can help you choose the right suite of tools for your modern workforce, as per your existing infrastructure, team size, and communication requirements. We can strategize, implement, and manage communication tools that integrate with your existing workflows and fuel new approaches to team productivity.

With our unified communications strategy, you can unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications to improve the connectivity between your workforce and clients. You can allow your employees to build cohesive and constructive collaboration platforms, groups, and dynamic teams that are seamlessly connected irrespective of geographic, technological, or time-zone borders. We provide you the basis in voice and video collaboration solutions, so your employees work together in a more productive manner. And with advanced solutions, you can also deliver exceptional personalized experiences to your customers.

Our recommended voice and video collaboration solutions can increase the efficiency of your workforce. We can make it possible for your teams to collaborate effectively with each other online. Harness the power of secure and reliable collaboration technology to optimize your business.

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